A little about Eagle Speak

A few years ago, co-founders Jason Arend and Myke Bates were living in different parts of the country and working together on a very large software project. Like any project, regular communication between your team members is imperative—but late one night we became frustrated trying to explain abstract and complex ideas over the usual modes of communication like email and instant messaging. We found ourselves losing the nuance of what we were trying to convey, not to mention having to stop what we were working on every time we needed to talk.

And then it hit us. What if we had a virtual walkie talkie we could instantly trigger from our computer and just SPEAK to each other?

So last November we brought on the third co-founder, Brandon Cash, and took the idea to Startup Weekend where we developed and deployed the first prototype of Eagle Speak. We blew everyone away with a voice activated communication tool and ever since we’ve been receiving awards, building out our platform and growing a list of potential customers.

Jason Arend
CEO - UX - Media - Design - Marketing 

15 Years in technology, professional creative services, marketing, media and product development.

Jason on LinkedIn

Myke Bates
CTO - Software - Development - Infrastructure 

Over a decade in professional web development, application and technology development.

Myke on LinkedIn

Brandon Cash
CIO - Data - Development - API

Nearly 14 years in professional web development and data architecture. 

Brandon on LinkedIn

Award winning technology

We are incredibly proud of the progress and achievements we've made. Eagle Speak has been winning awards literally since the first week we began development on Eagle Speak. Check out just a few of our awards below. 

Startup Weekend 2015
First Place Winner

The weekend that started it all. The first proof of concept for Eagle Speak was designed, developed, and deployed in a single weekend, winning first place at Techstars' Startup Weekend powered by Google for Entrepreneurs.

Startup Weekend 2015
Audience Choice Award

On top of taking first place at Startup Weekend, Eagle Speak proved to be a crowd favorite and took home the Audience Choice Award.

AITP TechiE Awards 2016
Nominated Most Innovative Startup

At the annual AITP TechiE awards, Eagle Speak was honored to be nominated for Most Innovative Startup within its first 3 months of operation.

SPIN66 Innovation Summit 2016
Winner with over $10k in prizes

Invited to present our startup at the Annual SPIN66 Innovation Summit, a panel of expert judges crowned Eagle Speak the winner once again.

eFactory Accelerator 2016
$30k Investment 

Eagle Speak is a proud graduate of The eFactory Accelerator. Hand picked for the inaugural cohort in the fall of 2016, the eFactory made a $30k investment in the company and continues to be a valued partner and advocate for our technology.

2017 Excellence in Technology Awards
Most Innovative Startup

Eagle Speak has won the Most Innovative Startup Award in the AITP BIZ417 Excellence in Technology Awards.

2017 Excellence in Technology Awards
Engineer of the Year

Eagle Speak's cutting edge technology wouldn't be possible without our seriously talented team, we are very proud to be nominated for the Engineer of the Year Award.

2017 Excellence in Technology Awards
Best Software Application

In addition to "Most Innovative Startup" and "Engineer of the Year", Eage Speak has also been nominated for "Best Software Application", racking up more award nominations than any other company or individual in the 2017 AITP Excellence in Technology Awards.

2018 Excellence in Technology Awards
Enterprise Technology Award

The year has just began but Eagle Speak is already a finalist for the Enterprise Technology Award. Winners will announced in March.

2018 Excellence in Technology Awards
Developer of the Year

Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer, Myke Bates, is a finalist for Developer of the Year. Winners will announced in March.

Our Focus at Eagle Speak

  • Enhance Communications

    With a real-time communications infrastructure and voice recognition technology in place, we have a platform to continue developing high-end audio, video, and interactive technologies well into the future. We are creating an environment where our customers have an enjoyable, frictionless experience every time the interact with our brand or products.

  • Simplify Collaboration

    The ability for teams, regardless of their location, to work seamlessly together is crucial for success. Eagle Speak provides simple yet powerful tools for business collaboration. File sharing, instant screenshots, and live screen sharing make any workflow more efficient with Eagle Speak.

  • Reduce

    Employees continue to spend up to 2 hours of their day tied up in various modes of communication that cause loss of productivity and profits. Reducing the need to switch gears just to communicate means you can keep working efficiently.

  • Increase Productivity

    Staying out of your way until needed, Eagle Speak is always just a voice command or keystroke away. Eagle Speak keeps you in the application you are working in, keeping focus where it needs to be.

Watch the Keynote

Watch us unveil the upcoming Eagle Speak communication and collaboration platform at the eFactory Accelerator Demo Day Event. See live demonstrations of advanced voice command, audio calls, file sharing, instant screen shots, live screen sharing, integrations, and more.